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Monetize Convert

Monetize convert is a smart & flexible tool that focuses on generating revenue & insights from publishers’ content. The advanced technology works in tandem with ‘Optimize’ that converts every ordinary link into a monetized link, redirecting users to the highest-paying retailers’ product.

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Paid Placement

Our merchant partners have seen a massive increase in sales after natively incorporating their brands. Monetize has helped generate a steady flow of visitors to their websites.

Sponsored Content

Reach your audience & grow your presence by making your brand a seamless part of users’ uninterrupted browsing experience. Sponsored content is a tremendously effective way to capture attention & get noticed.

Premium Publishers

Advertise with Premium Publishers

Monetize connects with premium publishers that build your brand favorability. With a quality online environment, the ‘halo effect’ starts working, expanding, and reinforcing your message. Get placed into trusted brands’ content, get recognized & earn maximum revenue.

Monetize Merchant Dashboard

Monetize is powered by numerous APIs that help you devise a better Business Plan

Use the monetize dashboard to gain access to a wide range of reports & easily understand your performance at a glance. The data allows you to build powerful strategies for your business, compare performance, and deepen your understanding of your highest performing content.

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