Term of Use

Monetize.com offers publishers with services that help them make revenue and gain feedback from virtual content. Services are provided by embedding or tagging links in the content that the users are viewing, which, when accessed, will redirect such users to the Merchant’s website where goods and services can be bought.

If the customers order anything by being redirected to the Merchant’s website through such embedded links, Merchants are liable to pay the publishers a commission through Monetize.com. This commission payment shall not be paid by the users/customers, and the commission shall have no bearing on the price such users have to pay or any interaction on Merchant’s platform.

In addition, Monetize.com will serve as a tool assisting Merchants and Advertisers in a proper understanding and targeting of user behaviors, identifying and working closely with Publishers and third parties on content strategies.

Service Policies and Guidelines

The publisher acknowledges and agrees that Monetize.com holds all rights to include or exclude any merchant from the services offered, with immediate effect or prior notice, at its sole discretion. Merchants hold the right to terminate any selected or all publishers from their services who are found unsuitable as per the standards, policies, and terms of use. The commission rate merchants offer can vary from time to time. In such instances where merchants are requested to remove their links from a particular publisher, Monetize shall notify the publisher to have such a link removed at the earliest.

Terms and Guidelines pertaining to Core and Optional Tools

Publishers must have access to the core tools approved by Monetize.com before gaining any access to the optional tools. Publishers will not be allowed to sublicense, transfer, disclose or sell any of the login credentials or API keys to any third party under any circumstance. Doing so shall result in a breach of the agreement and possible legal action. If any use of tools is considered fraudulent by Monetize.com, then it shall result in legal action.

Monetize.com also reserves the right to monitor the use of tools by publishers at its sole discretion to assess its accordance with the terms of use.

Policies and Terms pertaining to Revenue and its Calculation

The total revenue for tools shall be calculated by relevant Monetize partners, affiliates, and merchant networks, who will then notify Monetize.com. Publishers also agree to different revenue structures used by different merchants, and merchants have the right to refuse payment based on certain grounds, including but not limited to search keyword bidding, fraud, and tracking errors.

Monetize.com shall seek to maximize the total revenue through tools by maintaining communication with affiliate networks and Monetize partners at its own discretion to gain a maximum commercial return. Monetize.com will be responsible for calculating the total revenue and publisher revenue for the audiences. Publishers hereby acknowledge that calculations will be subjected to payments from merchants and the deduction charges that the third parties will levy. Monetize.com will also be responsible for calculating, aggregating, and displaying the publisher’s revenue in a report accessed via Publisher Hub.

Terms and Policies pertaining to Payments

Monetize.com will be responsible for calculating and transferring the publisher’s revenues to the publishers for a month minus the pending payments from the merchants, Monetize partners, and affiliate networks. Monetize.com shall transfer such payments for revenue through tools no longer than 92 days after the end of such month or within 30 days of receiving such payments from the merchants. In any case, the publisher’s total revenue for a particular month is less than $100, which is the minimum threshold; the amount shall be carried forward and transferred with the payments for the subsequent months.

Monetize.com is also responsible for any deductions during the payments, except for deductions and fees charged by the publisher’s bank or the mode of payment chosen on the Publisher Hub.