Publisher FAQs

Monetize gives access to nearly 70,000 merchants all over the world. Through Merchant Explorer, you can get detailed information about a specific merchant working with Monetize. You can view their affiliation status, their payment methods, the commission they give, and other details.

Monetize pays its publishers on a Net 45 basis i.e. the complete amount the publisher will be paid in 45 days. However, the minimum threshold limit for the payment is $100.

Monetize is a great way for publishers to earn money. Monetizes pays its publishers every 45 days.

There are various payment methods available on the platform for publishers. Users can choose from Bank transfer, Wire transfer, or Credit Card.

Internet cookies are used to track all sales. Cookies help us determine how long a publisher can gain the commission for a sale. If the user makes the purchase within 30 days of clicking on the affiliate link, the publisher will get the commission. The life of a cookie may change depending on the merchant involved.

Merchant FAQs

Merchants get higher sales and prime exposure when they join our platform. Monetize is a multi-channel network that assists merchants in connecting with millions of the best publishers. By joining, merchants get the traffic of other websites and gain higher sales.

All the merchants on the platform can join the Preferred Partner Program if they wish to. They are can join the program on the platform through an affiliate network.

Merchants have to sign up on the platform and apply for the program. The merchants will have to fill out some details and then pay the minimum amount. After doing that, they can get all the advantages of the Preferred Partner Program.

Merchants have to be successful with publishers to gain greater exposure with shoppers. Having a unique product, offering great commissions, and providing discounts are just a few ways to attract publishers.

There is no up-front cost to join Monetize as a merchant. The only thing merchants need to do is accept the platform as a publisher and initiate the service usage. Merchants will have to pay a minimum amount if they want to enjoy the advantages of the Preferred Partner Program.