Program Policies

In order to utilize the Monetize platform, the publishers must follow all the guidelines. We can disable the pertaining Monetize account and turn off the ads if you ("publisher") refuse or fail to adhere to the policies. You will not be able to take part in any programs if your account gets disabled. Therefore, it is recommended to go through the policy carefully before signing up for the service.

To keep pace with the changing environment, we can review the policies from time to time. We recommend that you also keep reviewing the policy periodically. The updates on the policies are done without giving any prior notice. You will have been deemed to accept the new terms if you continue to use the service after updating the policies by us.

Content Instructions

Publishers cannot utilize the Monetize service on any content that violates the Program Policy. If any publisher attempts to do so, such entities will be suspended from our service. During the publisher's registration, we will check the website to see whether it follows all of our policies. We will accept or reject the application according to this evaluation.

These are the types of content we will not promote.

  • 1. Content that has the Monetize trademark.
  • 2. Content of political or religious nature.
  • 3. Copied content from other websites.
  • 4. Content that violates intellectual property rights.
  • 5. Content leaning toward children: Content that aims to collect and utilize the information of pre-teens, i.e., children of age 13 or below.
  • 6. Content endorsing or promoting illegal activities.
  • 7. Violent Content: Content that promotes violent, harmful, or hateful acts.
  • 8. Pornographic Content.
  • 9. Abusive Content: Content that contains malware software, misleading sites, fake messages, etc.

Publisher Code Of Conduct:

Monetize ("our," "us," "we") aims to give our readers and merchants a transparent, accountable, and safe platform. For this, we have put in place several standards that we would like our publishers ("your," "you") to keep in mind while utilizing our service.

We hold the right to suspend the publisher. We even terminate their account immediately if they are involved in prohibited activities after registering in the publisher network. The suspension will be at the sole discretion of Monetize and will not include any compensation. These are the activities that we have listed as a breach of our policy.

  • 1. Promoting merchants via emails without taking prior approval from both Monetize and the merchant.
  • 2. Offering indirect or direct rewards to the users for clicking the link or making the transaction.
  • 3. Utilizing any third-party website content without any prior notice of consent.
  • 4. Purchasing the advertisements for your website that are seen as competitors of the merchant's site.
  • 5. Use of software, apps, and other tools that have not been disclosed to the platform for distributing the affiliate links of the merchant's website.
  • 6. Utilizing the affiliate tracking tags outside of our technologies.
  • 7. Getting any compensation for the transaction performed by the publisher or its partner. Or it is making use of multiple accounts for doing the transaction. It will be seen as against the policy until, and the merchant approves it.
  • 8. Generating impressions and clicks through an unauthorized method.
  • 9. Publishers cannot influence or interfere with the readers to make them take any affirmative action. It will be seen as illegal unless it is done with full consent or knowingly.
  • 10. Usage of any domain name that has the merchant's name, trademark, or brand.
  • 11. Supplying the cookies to the reader's device when they have not been active on the site.
  • 12. Changing the HTTP referrer using any method.
  • 13. Utilizing search engine marketing for getting affiliate revenue through Monetize.
  • 14. Usage of any copyrighted material without taking the written permission from the merchant. This will include URLs, logos, content, trademarks, and other terms.